Quality Control and Service

Throughout the entire manufacturing process, checks are systematically made drawing test samples. Before final dispatch, tests and analyses are then carried out on all of the physical and chemical parameters that are important for the application for which the material is later to be used. These parameters include:

  • Grain size
  • Density
  • Moisture
  • Silica content
  • Carbon content

When you work with us, you'll gain not only a world-class team but also a wealth of industry experience. Read about some of our significant cases below.


France : A need to create a new grade for the Steel Industry
With world economies in recession, our buyers requested for us to develop a new grade of RHA to be used as a Ladle Cover in Steel. The need was to balance quality with cost control. The material was to be high quality yet it needed a higher bulk density to ensure economical transportation costs. Our R&D team came up with a novel proprietary way to overcome this problem. Basic chemistry and State of the Art Nano technology saved the day.

Czechoslovakia : Moisture control
Moisture levels is RHA are one of the biggest problems. Consistent supply of QC products has been one of the banes of this industry. Our buyer had very stringent pre conditions for our entry. Our team researched the issue thoroughly and once again turned up trumps by adapting technology from the fast food beverage industry to find consistent control over moisture levels.

Middle East : Packaging to save on freight costs
This industry is high volume / low cost. Freight therefore is the deciding factor on each order. Volume maximization is the key to this. We have a system of rewards and recognition within our team for evolving and streamlining our production line. A supervisor on our team suggested a unique way to compact the material on the assembly line. This has resulted in an increase in volume efficiency of 11% on each 20 foot container.

Russia : Increasing burst and handling strength of Jumbo Bags
Bag Strength is critical in all high volume orders. This has a direct bearing on the efficiency of handling and discharge of the final product. Our team leaders here researched 16 companies to ascertain the GSM strength of the fabric they made. Further research was made into the optimum strength of the slings during loading and unloading by using dead weights, cranes and throw weight. These trials took over 3 weeks of dedicated effort. The result was a one of a kind bag, suitable for our customers packaging needs.

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